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Mary McMurtrie DA

  Mary McMurtrie (1901 - 2003). Born at Skene, Aberdeenshire. Studied at Grays School of Art Aberdeen.

Old Cottage Pinks

  Containing more than 80 beautiful illustrations of the old cottage pinks which have been so popular with gardeners for hundreds of years. Published in 2004 by the Antique Collectors Club Ltd, UK.

Original price 19.95 - now available for 14.50 + p&p

Scottish Wild Flowers

  This is a beautifully illustrated, botanically informative account of the wild flowers of Scotland. The plants are arranged by colour to help identification. Published in 2000 by the Antique Collectors Club Ltd, UK.

Price 25.00 + p&p



  "Scotland contains an interesting and varied flora with many areas of the country such as the Highland, the mountains and moors of Central Scotland, the Islands of the West and the long and varied coastline remaining relatively wild and unspoilt. In an effort to capture the rich diversity of Scottish wild flowers, Mary McMurtrie employs her considerable artistic skills to educate and inform but above all delight her readers with the aid of more than 350 individual watercolour drawings.

This beautiful book is not intended as a complete record of Scottish wild flowers but is, nevetheless, exceedingly representative. It is set out for quick and easy identification - the author's original paintings have been completed from life not from photographs. Each individual painting emphasises important recognition features while minimising non-essential detail. To help identify plants quickly and easily, they have been arranged, as far as possible, in groups according to their colour. The comprehensive descriptions are placed opposite the illustrations and include the common name, the botanical name, the plant family, and the habit and time of flowering.

Mary McMurtrie's charmingly understated painting capture the soft texture and gentle colour of the petals, the sharp cruelty of the thorns and thistles and the cool, understated splendour of the leaves in such a way as to preserve their magic. No camera could possibly convey the spirit of the Scottish wild flowers as well as her delicate brush strokes. A perfect gift for the flower enthusiast or garden lover." (Antique Collectors Club)

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Scots Roses

  Containing a large number of varieties of old Scots roses, each beautifully illustrated by the author. Published in 1998 by the Antique Collectors Club Ltd, UK.

Currently out of print



  "The Scots rose is not confined to Scotland but can be found from Iceland to Siberia and throughout Europe. Originally named the Pimpinell or Burnet rose it was first recorded as being called the Scots rose in 1775. It is a little rose which grows in a low tangle of extremely prickly bushes with tiny leaves and deliciously scented flowers. Scots roses flower early, but not for long, and by July they are over.

There is a surprising variety of Scots roses. This collection is representative rather than complete as new variations still appear among seedlings and it has not been possible to trace some of the older named varieties. In the 1820's over 200 varieties were listed.

Scots roses emerged into sudden popularity in the 1880's. They were to become a favourite of Gertrude Jeckyll who grew them at Munstead Wood and wrote 'They are equally in place in the humblest garden and the most exalted'. Their decline came with the great tide of new roses with their brilliant colours and long flowering periods. Many of the old varieties of Scots Roses have now vanished but many have also tenaciously survived and it is these that Mary McMurtrie records with her distinctive watercolour style.

Her charmingly understated paintings capture the soft texture and gentle colour of the petals, the tightness of the buds, the swollen fullness of the hips and the sharpness of the thorns in such a way as to preserve their magic. No camera could possibly convey the spirit of the roses as well as her delicate brush strokes." (Antique Collectors Club)



Flowers of the Algarve - Books 1-4

  For nearly 20 years, Mary McMurtrie travelled out to the Algarve, exploring and recording the wildflowers in a series of watercolours, each of which provides an exquisite guide for identification for plantlovers. Published in four individual booklets between 1973-1995 by the artist.

Price 5.00 each + p&p

Shrubs of the Algarve

  This booklet describes and illustrates the shrubs of the Algarve in a lovely series of watercolours, each illustrated page forming a beautiful painting in itself. Published in 1997 by the artist.

Price 7.00 + p&p

Trees of Portugal

  The trees of Portugal are described and beautifully illustrated in this booklet. Published in 1998 by the artist.

Price 7.00 + p&p